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raventhedoll Jan 30, 2014  Professional Digital Artist

this is pretty good but will i dont want to go though reading



 all those picture can you make this serie into a storys pleas

Wonder when we'll get an update on Margot's story...
Based on the fact that she was "kind of" immune to hypnosis, I believe Margot is really the girl from the Prophecy that Orbis and Stark mentioned, not Lea.

Now this is a sexy comic.
Hi tHERE Senshumaru:
I love your story of the Jungle Girls and also glad that Gorgo has done the Picture for your story ( which I also love his own stories too). It's the first time that I got to read and also enjoy your story that has got me hook on and can't wait to see the end of your story of the Jungle Girls. Is there any new story of The Jungle Girls, that contenteau from esposed 608 or Picture 608?? Are yoou still working on the story?? I'd like your story and I hope that you keep up the good work that you are making. Not to many people can make a good story that can go on like yours, you are as we say in a class of very little group that do stories like Gorgo, Swiftbladez and Allucard, to name a Few. :) :) So don't stop because your stuff is the best like the rest. I'll be waiting to see new esposed of The jungle Girls.
This is a fantastic comic but it would be better if there were links that allowed one to go to the next and previous page to make reading this a bit more enjoyable.
Just isolate the gallery and hit the next button when you're ready to move on. Problem solved. YAY!
amazing, at first I thought I was looking at Gorgogorgo's series, but when I looked at the name I realized it was not from him but from you.

You have a good eye for 3D art as well as making a good story out of it.
It's indeed Gorgo who made the pics, me, I'm just writing the story. ^^
But thank you all the same, I'm glad you like. ^^
GrabMySocks Feb 5, 2013
i cant express how in everyway i wish i was with these girls in my socks this is fantastic and a amazing job i LOVE it
I'm glad you like. ^_^ <3
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